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The Commercialized Projects of Mechema CTA and PTA Recovery Systems

CTA觸媒回收系統實績 CTA Pretreatment Unit (Part I):
-Cobalt Recovery Yield: > 90%
-Remove COD, Cobalt and other corrosion metals in CTA Residue
-More efficient than other CRU and Incinerators
2.客戶實績Customer References: Korea, Indonesia, China Xiamen, Thailand and Taiwan

PTA 母液回收系統實績 PTA M.L Recovery Unit (Part II):
-Cobalt Recovery Yield: > 90% , Water Recovery Yield: 80%
-Remove TA, Cobalt and other metals in PTA M.L stream
-Much savings from W.W.T. handling costs
2.客戶實績Customer References: Indonesia